April 2018

Dear Parents,


            I sure hope spring has sprung by the time you read this! As June approaches I am acutely aware of the time that has passed since September. June hurtles towards us and there is still so much to teach, so much to learn, and so much to do.
Ms Loretta will introduce the children to the colors all around us! They will explore color through food, animals, textures and lots of books. It will be a truly exciting month for our little ones!
The three year olds anticipate the warm weather and investigate spring.  They’ll look at plants, bugs, and ants, perhaps even a worm or two -- all the creepy crawlies that are starting to emerge in their world. The three’s growing awareness of their world is fascinating and delightful to watch.
Bridget, Kim, and Kari’s four year olds are in for a treat this month because it’s BEAR MONTH! From Corduroy, Pooh, and Paddington to pandas and polar bears they investigate bears, their habits and habitats. Some activities you might hear about include packing Paddington’s suitcase, painting Pooh, and ultimately our teddy bear picnic. The four’s indulge in fantasy to their heart’s content.
While the four year olds are on their bear hunt, the pre-K class moves down the food chain to investigate insects. Bugs fascinate children and Gwen use their curiosity to educate them about useful and harmful insects. The high point of this unit materializes in May when our praying mantis egg sac hatches and we become the proud parents of hundreds of praying mantises.
The kindergarten classes take a trip back in time to the age of reptiles and study dinosaurs. These budding paleontologists learn to identify close to twenty-five dinosaurs before attending a dinosaur hunt at the end of the month. This is one of our favorite studies, and the children love it. The children’s academic progress amazes me. Many are now learning long vowel sounds and spelling!
As spring progresses we plan to incorporate creative writing into each week’s lesson. As these masterpieces come home it is important that you be extremely positive in your comments. Please don’t make any suggestions for improvement and don’t even think of mentioning spelling. Creative writing is a very personal and sensitive process. A careless remark can be devastating. 
Los animales (animals) will be topic of discussion in Spanish. The children will be transported to “La granja de Jose’” (Joseph’s farm) where they will learn to pronounce la vaca (cow) and la oveja (sheep). The setting will then change to el zoológico (zoo) where they’ll find los animales salvajes (wild animals) of Africa, to include el león (lion) and el elefante (elephant).     
May 15th is conference day. I will send home the conference schedule later.  School is closed while you discover what wonderful children you have. And they really are wonderful!  Childcare will be available during your conference and for those enrolled in our all day program.
Kindergarten graduation is scheduled for June 7th and 8th. The children will sing a few songs during a simple ceremony as they receive their diplomas. The graduation party will follow with cake and punch in the classroom. Be sure to bring your camera and tissues!        
We’ve begun the tedious process of updating the Parent Handbook and roster for next year. If you plan on returning and haven’t told us, please do it soon. If you are not coming back, remember to return the little green binder you received last fall.  We need to recycle them. 
We have sent out information on the summer program at Greenbrier. If you missed it and are interested, talk to Jackie or Elizabeth. Classes are filling quickly.
Spring appears to be a busy and exciting time for all of us. If you have any questions or concerns we’re only a phone call away.
Mark your calendars for our Spring Program! Times and dates are listed below. It's the three year old parents' turn to provide refreshments for the adults in the lobby.
As the weather turns warm many children sunburn. If your child is sensitive to the sun remember to put sunscreen on him/her before he comes to school. 





April 2-6…………………Spring Break, School Closed.
April 17-19………………Individual & Class Pictures
April 30-May 2…………..Spring Programs
May 15…………………...Conference Day (Open for All Day Care only)
May 28…………………...Memorial Day, School Closed
June 7 & 8……………….         Kindergarten Graduation 
June 7 @ 9:15 Ms. Early’s class
June 8 @ 9:15 Mrs. Stanger’s class
June 15…………………...Last Day of School
June 18-22……………….         School Open for Day Care
June 25-Aug 17…….Summer programs at Greenbrier, Bellamy and Broad Bay                                                                       
Sept 4…………………….         Fall programs begin


   Spring Programs

Monday, April 30                                                            Tuesday, May 1
9:15                                                                                   9:15
Brittney Baker                                                                   Amber Callahan
Tracy Early                                                                        Kim Little

Monday, April 30                                                            Tuesday, May 1
10:30                                                                                  10:30
Liz Holladay                                                                        Loretta Moore
Kari Swain                                                                        

Monday, April 30                                      Wednesday, May 2                                        9:15                                                             1:15  
Gwen Kensinger (pm class)             Karen King,  Bridget Winston, Gwen Kensinger (am class)                
Stephanie Stanger