February 2018

Dear Parents,

     February may be the shortest month, but it is also the busiest.  With Valentine’s Day, two president’s birthdays, Ground Hog Day, and Chinese New Year, February always promises excitement.   Every class will devote some time to these celebrations.
Ms. Stephanie and Ms. Leslie, our pillars of patience will introduce the many adventures of Pete the Cat. These best-selling picture books present the wiry Pete with his white shoes and eclectic friends showing that it’s cool to be you. With boundless poise, creativity and energy, our MDO ladies do an exceptional job with her charges.  With easel painting, sponge and spin art not to mention our backed papers this is a grand time for our youngest.
The three-year-old classes will be introduced to Eric Carle, the celebrated children’s author. His books are delightful and the children will enjoy not only his emotional characters, but also his colorful and crafty illustrative techniques. Lots of cooking this month, thanks to Walter the baker. 
The four year olds discover the world of Beatrix Potter.  After they are thoroughly entranced by Benjamin Bunny, Peter Rabbit and Jeminiah Puddle Duck, they have a marvelous English tea party.  We have a good bit of fun with this unit while introducing the children to some excellent literature.  Because Beatrix Potter’s books are so delightfully illustrated, reading her stories to your children at home will help reinforce her world in their minds.
Ms. Diane’s,  Ms. Langhorne’s and Ms. Sharon’s classes are digging out from their snow bank.  After they turn in their meteorologists badges, PreK will cover the hodgepodge of February:  Ground Hog Day, Lincoln  and Washington’s birthdays, Valentines Day and Chinese New Year.  It’s a great time for the children to learn a bit about our country’s history, the Pledge of Allegiance and those anecdotes about George and Abe.  Busy!
The kindergarteners takes a good look at themselves  this month.  Mrs. Heim will introduce the children to the various systems of the human body.  The children start by studying their skin and move right into the most important muscle---their heart.  This is a fairly detailed unit and it is incredible how many facts our five and six year olds absorb and retain.  Much time is also spent on handwriting, math facts, and the concepts of fractions.  
Valentine’s Day with its messages of love and friendship is special to children and  Beach Manor School.  Each class exchanges valentines and has a party for Valentine’s Day. Enclosed is a list with the number of children in each class.  On February 13th (or 14th) please send in valentines for each student in your child’s class, and we’ll take care of the rest.  The teachers have requested that you NOT “address” the valentines--just sign them with your child’s name.  This way the children can easily pass them out.  Your child’s teacher will let you know your party day/date.

    This month Spanish will be teaching the parts of the body. The rhyme, “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” will now sound like, “Cabeza, Hombros, Piernas y Pies, Piernas y Pies…”   The song is fun, easy to learn and the children will pick it up quickly so you will likely hear it at home…in Spanish!!      

          Registration for next year is going well and several classes are already full. Registering online with Infosnap seems to be a HITJ!!  Thank you for all the positive feedback!!  It is satisfying to know that so many of you are pleased with Beach Manor’s program.  
Many of you have asked questions about our kindergarten program. I realized that when most of you register I go into great detail about the three and four year old program but kindergarten comes as a wonderful surprise.  Our kindergarten program continues the phonics instruction begun in the four year old program.  It includes a very strong short vowel reading, writing, and spelling curriculum that leads to long vowel usage in the spring.  The children learn to recognize and write numbers to 100; they learn math facts to 10, graphing, fraction recognition, and how to count money.  The joy of the program, however, is the incredible amount of information the children learn in the unit study (constellations, musical instruments, and dinosaurs, children around the world, the human body, and other very hands on science studies.) The goal is, as always, to enhance their self esteem.  Having so much knowledge about their world gives them tremendous self confidence. They acquire the skills needed to put them at the top of their first grade class.
You can register your child in the kindergarten class at Princess Anne Elementary and the public school bus will transport him/her to or from Beach Manor (depends on how our school is scheduled). We also provide transportation to North Landing Elementary, Red Mill and Three Oaks Elementary for children registered in those kindergartens who also wish to participate in our kindergarten program. If you want more information about the kindergarten program, please stop by and I’ll be happy to show you the curriculum.Your response so far for next year is gratifying.  Thank you for all your support and cooperation.  Without your smiles and encouragement our job would be so difficult.  Instead, it’s a joy!

         Beach Manor’s EIN number is 54-1812375.

INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY.  Although our inclement weather policy states that we will close if the public schools close, sometimes it is not necessary.  It all depends on the roads and the power conditions.  Be sure to check our website under “Special Announcements” at www.manorschools.com.  Of course, if your neighborhood conditions are even slightly questionable, stay home.
Sincerely, Chris







February 19                 President’s Day. School closed.
February 28/Mar 1      Class Pictures
March 7/8                   Lions Club will test children sight with parent permission
April 2-6                     Spring Break
April 18/19                 Spring Program
May     15                    Conference Day. School open for daycare only
May    29                    Memorial Day.  School closed
June 8                         Kindergarten graduation
June 15                       Last Day of School

June 18-Aug. 17        Summer programs at Bellamy, Greenbrier and Broadway Manor
September 4               Fall Classes begin


Ms. Stephanie H (11), Ms. Leslie (10), Ms. Annie (10), Ms. Karen D (10), Ms. Kristen (11), Mrs. Harden   (8),  Mrs. Debbie (18), Mrs. Peeler (12), Ms. Sharon (9),  Ms. Diane Pre K (11), Ms. Langhorne (10) , Ms. Heim Morning (14), Ms. Heim PM Class (3)



Wednesday Feb 28:  Ms. Karen D, Ms. Kristen D, Ms. Peeler, Ms. Debbie, Ms. Diane, Ms. Heim
All Afternoon classes—Ms. Sharon, Ms. Heim

Thursday March 1:  Ms. Stephanie, Ms. Leslie, Ms. Annie, Ms. Harden,  Ms. Langhorne,


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