West Neck

Beach Manor March 2019

Dear Parents,


March has arrived with occasional warm days that promise spring.   February was an intense month and our children grew in knowledge as they explored Pete the Cat, Bears, past Presidents and the of course our zany Dr. Suess.


The month of March takes most classes outside. Ms. Leslie and Ms. Annette continue to help our youngest children with the exciting process of learning. The children will explore the concept of opposites as they compare and contrast the world around us!

Our three year olds will begin the month with an in-depth analysis of several nursery tales. The Three Pigs, The Three Bears, and The Gingerbread Man highlight this unit with much puppetry and cooking. We even grow a beanstalk for Jack to climb! The threes end the month with Little Red Riding Hood and homemade bread baked by the Little Red Hen herself!

The four year olds discover the world of Beatrix Potter. After they are thoroughly entranced by Benjamin Bunny, Peter Rabbit and Jeminiah Puddle Duck, they have a marvelous English tea party. We have a good bit of fun with this unit while introducing the children to some excellent literature. Because Beatrix Potter’s books are so delightfully illustrated, reading her stories to your children at home will help reinforce her world in their minds.

Ms. Diane and Ms. Sharon’s Prek students will study about our feathered Birds of Prey. You will be truly impressed with the depth and scope of your child’s knowledge as he/she learns to identify several   species of our feathered friends.   The study ends with a fantastic bird party –pass the worms, please.

The Kindergarten class will now take a trip back in time to the age of reptiles and study dinosaurs. These budding paleontologists learn to identify close to twenty-five dinosaurs before attending a dinosaur hunt at the end of the month. This is one of our favorite studies and the children love it.


In Spanish the children will be learning about clothes. You may hear our child say I need my la Caquetá y el abrigo (coat and sweater) as we finish winter and enter spring.


Spring Break is from April 15th-April 19th. We will have our annual egg hunt on April 8th and 9th. Your child’s teacher will communicate to you when they are planning their hunt. Please send in an empty basket or bag, labeled with your child’s name on the appropriate morning. Pretend grass is fine, please no candy or stuffed animals. We will close at the end of the day Friday, April 12th for Spring Break. Both student and teachers will take a well-deserved vacation before returning for the final busy weeks of School.


Ms. Karen will be putting together our Spring Program again this year. The big event will take place on April 10th and 11th. . Class performances times are listed below. It’s the Kindergarten and MDO parents turn to provide goodies for the grownups on the porch.


Many of you have inquired about our summer program that is offered at Bellamy, Broad Bay and Greenbrier Manor. It is a wonderful program patterned on the school year and adapted for the summer. It offers continued play, academics, socialization and crafts. The children have plenty of opportunity to use the computers, dress ups, easels, puzzles, games and train sets. The summer registration form is attached. Enrollment is limited, so please return the registration form if you are interested.


We will use the InfoSnap online enrollment procedure for our summer program registration. It will remain a two-step process. Step one is the submission of the summer pre-registration form and fee. Step two is the online submission of the InfoSnap registration form. We will need the preregistration form and fee before you submit your online registration.


It looks like a full and fun month. We are two thirds through the year, and the growth in the children is incredible. They have learned a tremendous amount in these past months. We feel so fortunate to have such a rewarding job. Your children bring joy in so many ways!


Registration for next year is going well.  It is satisfying to know that so many of you are pleased with Beach Manor’s program.  Thank you for all your support and cooperation.    Without your smiles and encouragement my job would be so difficult.  Instead, it’s a joy!  Openings are still available in some of our classes even though I have opened registration to the general public.   If you intend to register your child for next year and haven’t yet done so, I urge you to turn in your form along with your registration fee immediately. The only way to be sure of a place next year is to turn in both the registration form and the registration fee.

Many of you have asked questions about our kindergarten program. I realized that when most of you initially register at Beach I go into great detail about the three year old program or the four year old program, but often kindergarten comes as a wonderful surprise.  Our kindergarten program continues the phonics instruction begun in the four year old program .It includes a very strong short vowel reading, writing, and spelling curriculum that leads to long vowel usage in the spring.  The children learn to recognize and write numbers to 100 and beyond; they learn math facts to 20, graphing, fraction recognition, and how to count money.  The joy of the program, however, is the incredible amount of information the children learn in their unit studies (constellations, musical instruments, and dinosaurs, children around the world, the human body, and other very hands on science studies.). The goal is, as always, to enhance their self-esteem.  Having so much knowledge about their world gives them tremendous self-confidence. They acquire the skills needed to put them at the top of their first grade class.  Your response so far for next year is gratifying.  You may not be aware that if you declare Beach as your primary child care provider, you may be able to register your child in the kindergarten class at Princess Anne, North Landing, Three Oaks and Red Mill Elementary.  Your child can attend Beach for half the day and public elementary school for the other half.  This gives them both the community school experience and the academic exposure you have come to expect from Beach Manor. Our van will transport children to or from Three Oaks, Red Mill and North Landing. Princess Anne sends the public school bus.  All the other elementary schools are just too far for us. With Three Oaks and North Landing going to full day Kindergarten next year, this may change. If you have a home school that you would like us to consider transporting to/from please come and talk to me.

School closings or delays will be posted on our website at www.manorschools.com.  The announcement will pop up immediately on the homepage. You will also get an email as soon as a decision is made.  We typically follow the public school’s closings initially.  We try our best to keep children, parents, and our staff safe during these times.

Please return any clothes your child may have borrowed from school due to accidents or playground mishaps.  We’re getting low on our supply of spare socks, underwear, and pants.  It helps so much to have a change of clothes in the bottom of your child’s book bag.
Check coats and jackets.  Sometimes a child grabs the wrong coat on his way out the door.  So many jackets are similar and make ownership difficult to distinguish.  PLEASE WRITE YOUR NAME ON THE LABEL!!!


Just a quick reminder of our illness policy: children with a fever will be sent home immediately. Children are not to return to school until they have been fever free for twenty four hours. Do not give your child medicine in the morning to bring down his/her temperature and send him/her to school. The only way we can contain these illnesses is by keeping the sick children at home.

Thank you for all the help and support. Sincerely, Chris



Lion’s Club Testing…………………………….. March 6 and 7

Class Pictures…………………………………… March 19 and 20

(This is a Vision test

Spring Program……………………………..       April 10 and 11

Spring Break…………………………………       April 15-19

SCHOOL CONFERENCES ………………….   May 14(Open for all day

Children only)

MEMORIAL DAY……………………………..  May 27 (school closed)


LAST DAY OF SCHOOL …………………….. June 14

SUMMER PROGRAMS AT…………………..   June 17- August 16


FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL…………………….   September 3




MARCH 19TH—Ms. Annette, Ms. Leslie, Ms. Annie, Ms. Diane, Ms. Sharon, Ms. Heim

MARCH 20TH –Ms. Karen D, Ms. Kristen D, Ms. Harden, Ms. Peeler, Ms. Debbie



930AM – Wednesday April 10—Ms. Karen D, Ms. Kristen, Ms. Peeler,

Ms. Debbie, Ms. Diane


930AM—Thursday, April 11—Ms. Annette, Ms. Leslie, Ms. Annie, Ms. Harden, Ms. Sharon, Ms. Heim