West Neck

Beach Manor May 2019 Newsletter

Dear Parents,


The month of May takes most classes outside.

Ms. Annette and Ms. Leslie will dive into the many shapes that make up the world around us. They will explore individual shapes as well as what can be made when we put the shapes together. Get ready for lots of fun, food, games, books and crafts to reinforce the shape of the day!!

The three year old classes investigate Spring with its blossoms and the creepy crawlies that seem to go along with this time of year.  Pass the worms please.

The four-year-olds swing into the trees as they begin a study of the local birds. You will be truly impressed with the depth and scope of your child’s knowledge as he/she learns to identify fifteen to twenty different species of our feathered friends.  The study ends with a fantastic bird party.

Pre-k moves down the food chain and investigates insects. Children are fascinated by bugs, and the teachers use their curiosity to educate them, regarding useful and harmful insects. The high point of this unit materializes   when our Ladybug larvae becomes Lady bugs!!   This unit ends with a fabulous Bumblebee Banquet!




Kindergarten has an exciting month. The children learn about the stages of plant development, butterfly development, and frog development using a complete hands-on approach. The kindergarten room has become a laboratory where seeds sprout; caterpillars spin cocoons, and tadpoles metamorphose into frogs. If anyone finds tadpoles or frogs eggs send them in! The children’s academic progress amazes me. Many are now learning long vowel sounds and spelling! As spring progresses we plan to incorporate creative writing into each week’s lesson. As these masterpieces come home it is important that you be extremely positive in your comments. Please don’t make any suggestions. Creative writing is a very personal and sensitive process. A careless remark can be devastating.

On May 14th, the preschool will be closed for conferences, but open for all day students. If you have not received your conference schedule, let Chris know.   Please be prompt. If you cannot make your scheduled conference time we will reschedule you for another day.   The teachers have no leeway and cannot run late. If you need a longer conference than is scheduled, your teacher will be glad to reschedule you.   Classes are closed while you discover what wonderful children you have!   We will have supervision available for children only during their parent’s conferences as well as for children who normally stay all day.

As the weather turns warm many children sunburn. If your child is sensitive to the sun remember to put sunscreen on him/her before he comes to school. If your child is an all day student, we will apply sunscreen during quiet/nap time each day as needed. If your child comes only for a half day program, please apply it at home and they should be protected for the time they are in school.

Our last day of school will be June 14th. The prorated tuition will be sent home May 1 and 2. There are still openings in our summer programs at Bellamy, Broad Bay and Greenbrier Manor.   The programs will continue to offer academic, social, and craft opportunities as the children learn about undersea life. The children have plenty of opportunity to use the computer, dress ups, easels, puzzles, games, and train set.   Enrollment is limited so please return the registration form if you are interested.


Sincerely, Chris


                        DATES TO NOTE ON YOUR CALENDAR

School conferences——————————-May 14th (Open for all day students)

Memorial Day————————————-May 27th (School closed)

Kindergarten graduation———————–June 7th

Last day of school———————————June 14th

Summer Programs at Bellamy, Broadway and Greenbrier Manor

June 17th-August 16th.

Open House—————————————-August 28th

First Day of School——————————-September 3rd