October 2019 Greenbrier Manor Newsletter

Dear Parents,

School is off to a truly wonderful start. This past month has given us the time to renew old friendships and explore new relationships. Watching the children form and reform their social groups is quite exciting. Their sincerity and innocence as they venture out into the world of school are touching. They are truly learning socially as well as academically. I hope you are as pleased as much as we are with your child’s progress.

Last month the Mother’s Day Out children were introduced to themselves. Now we extend the idea, and focus just on the senses. There will be lots of cooking, crafting, and singing. Our youngest children have adjusted beautifully to school and each other.

If you thought September was fun, October is better if you are three! It is also quite busy. Ms. Cindi, Ms. Liz, Ms. Adrieen and Ms. Brittney introduce their children to the people in their neighborhood. Firemen, policemen, doctors, and dentists will come to share their jobs and teach the children safety. The Threes finish the month with stories and crafts relating to Halloween.

Ms. Bridget and Ms. Kim’s classes have finished their alphabet unit with a party fit for royalty — crowns, sparkles, and delicious cookies end the children’s introduction /review of our language’s building blocks. The next focus is on fall and those pesky backyard critters, squirrels. Ms. Kari’s class will finish their alphabet unit in mid-month. They then join the other four year-olds in a quick study of shapes and secondary colors. They get quite involved in finger-painting and color mixing with different mediums. The month ends, of course, with stories, crafts, poems, and songs about Halloween. This holiday seems to be created for four year-olds. Letter and number recognition as well as phonics instruction continue on an individual basis.

Ms. Gwen’s pre-kindergarten classes will become ecologically aware as they study tropical rainforests. The focus of this unit is to teach them about the different inhabitants of the rain forests and the various layers of the forest canopy that they inhabit. It’s exciting to realize just how much young children absorb and understand from their unit studies. This is one of their favorites. Letter and number recognition as well as phonics instruction continue on an individual basis.

The kindergarten class will end the transportation unit with a brief study of the solar system and our planet, Earth. We finish with a wonderful astronaut party complete with space food. While amongst the stars, we study the constellations and the mythology behind each star group. Hopefully they will be able to find the Big Dipper on Halloween night. We will, of course, devote a week to pumpkins and scarecrows. Intertwined with all this fun, Ms Tracy Garlow and Mrs. Stanger hope to communicate a few math and phonics facts.

October is a wonderfully special month because of Halloween. For many,   Halloween with carved pumpkins, “spooky” songs, and stories is more exciting than any other holiday. The magic of make-believe is so special to the young child because of the excitement and delicious thrill of dress up. However along with this excitement comes some anxiety. Three year-olds are very new to the idea of pretend and even four year-olds are not always sure what is real and what is not. We really work hard to make this a fun experience. Costumes and made-up faces are often frightening for small children. Let’s all try to emphasize the silly and not the scary aspects of Halloween. Ms Loretta’s Mother’s Day Out class will have their Halloween Party on Tuesday, October 29 @ 10:30. Ms Karen’s Two Year old class will have their Halloween Party on Wednesday, October 30 @ 10:30. On Monday, October 28, Tuesday, October 29, and Wednesday, October 30 Greenbrier Manor School will celebrate fall with a wonderful Pumpkin Patch Parade and Party. A Halloween parade has become a traditional part of GMS’s presentations, and (weather permitting) we will have the program outside.

Pumpkin Patch Parade

Monday, October 28                                                 Monday, October 28

9:15                                                                             10:30

Brittney Baker                                                                        Liz Holladay

Bridget Winston                                                                     Kari Swain


Tuesday, October 29                                                Tuesday, October 29

9:15                                                                             10:30

Cindi Schaffter                                                           Ms Loretta Moore

Kim Little

Tracy Garlow/Stephanie Stanger


Wednesday, October 30                                         Wednesday, October 30

9:15                                                                             10:30

Adrieen Gibson

Ms Karen King

Gwen Kensinger (am class)

Wednesday, October 30


Gwen Kensinger (pm class)


Please tell your child’s teacher if you plan to take him/her home with you after their performance. The only possible problem is RAIN. If it rains, the children will parade for each other through the school. We understand how important these programs are to you and the children. We realize my rain alternative is not ideal, but fire regulations prohibit the congregation of a large number of people in the building at any one time. We hope it does not rain and everyone can attend. We do have fun at these parties so bring your cameras and your smiles! For the Kindergarten and Pre-K classes parents: It is your turn to provide food for the “goodie” tables in the lobby. Thank you!  

The logistics of choreographing 100 children and 100 costumes is challenging. It works best if you send your child to school in his/her costume with a change of clothes in his/her bookbag. Be sure all pieces of the costume are clearly labeled so it can all be returned. We will help them change out of their costume after the program. If your child suddenly decides not to dress up or parade, that is alright. Please do not pressure or force your child to participate. Some children just do not feel comfortable in programs and that is perfectly okay, as they make a marvelous audience.

On October 7-8 Southeastern Therapy will be conducting speech, and fine motor skills screening at our school. You will have to turn in the permission form attached to this newsletter before your child can be screened. All screenings are provided by a licensed and certified Speech Pathologist and Therapist. Vision screening will be offered at another time. We will let you know as soon as we get those dates.

Conferences are scheduled for Tuesday, November 5th. Although school is closed on that day, supervision for the children is available during your conference time. Please encourage your child to stay with Ms. Jane and Ms. Sheila during your conference. We plan to schedule most of you for that morning. We will schedule working parents as early as possible and during lunch time. We will publish the schedule later this month. If your child is enrolled in our all day program we will plan on their attendance for the entire day.

I want to thank all of you for your patience during carpool. The line of cars is at times overwhelming for us, so your pleasant smiles and cooperative attitudes really do mean a great deal. It is extremely important not to pass cars on the left that are discharging children and always wait for the staff to let your child out of the car. Our most important concern is the safety of the children. Most of you are using your “signs” and we are extremely grateful for your cooperation.   Remember, however, that we cannot see through your windshield because of the tint and glare. If you hold your sign outside the window, facing us, we all have a better chance of success. THANKS!

Please do not ever send medicine to school inside a book bag. All medication, whether prescription or not, must be signed in by the parent. There are no exceptions or short cuts. It can get complicated, so your cooperation is critically important.

A reminder — we still have room in some of our afterschool activities. We offer Soccer Shots Monday and Thursday, Dance on Tuesday, and Yoga on Thursday. Come join the fun! If you have any questions please see Elizabeth or Jackie or pick up a brochure in the lobby.

See you at carpool!



October 2 & 3 ………….…………School Pictures

October 7 & 8 …… ………………Speech and Hearing Screening

October 28 thru 30……………….Pumpkin Patch Parades

November 5………………………Conference Day (school open for all day students only)

November 11……………………..Veteran’s Day/School Closed for Holiday

November 28 – 29………………..Thanksgiving Holiday/School Closed

December 19 – January 1………..Winter Break/School Closed