Bellamy Manor November 2020

Dear Parents,


If November is even half as lovely as October, we are in for a marvelous month!  Halloween is now a memory and so many more wonderful holidays are just around the corner.  The fall parties were a fun event and we enjoyed seeing the children dresses in their adorable costumes. I thank all of you for your support as we modify some of our BMS traditions.

November conjures up images of Native Americans and Pilgrims, colored leaves and crisp days.  In keeping with tradition each class will study seasonal changes and our heritage from their unique perspective.

Ms. Mary Kate and Ms. Yanira’s classes have made incredible progress. It’s wonderful to see how quickly the two-year-olds seem to grow. They study themselves in September, look beyond themselves in October, and this month they will explore their homes. It is a gradual evolution away from awareness of themselves and towards their environment. Great things are happening here. It is exciting!

The three-year old classes will be introduced to Eric Carle, the celebrated children’s author.  His books are delightful. We know the children will enjoy not only his emotional characters, but also his colorful and crafty illustrative techniques.  We will do lots of cooking this month, thanks to Jack and his Mama and Walter the baker. The threes then finish the month with their favorite activity on a grand scale – a Thanksgiving feast!

The four-year old’s at BMS are in for a treat this month because this is BEAR MONTH!  From Corduroy, Pooh, and Paddington to pandas and polar bears they investigate bears, their habits and habitats.  Some activities you might hear about include packing Paddington’s suitcase, painting Pooh bear, and ultimately our teddy bear picnic.  The four’s indulge in fantasy to their heart’s content.

Our pre-kindergarten class has finished their study of weather and seasons.  They have learned an incredible amount about clouds, temperature, and wind. The children will now study horses, cowboys, and rodeos.  This is an exciting unit that combines factual, information about horses with delightful stories of the American cowboy. The children learn about the different types of horses and the parts of man’s oldest animal friends. Near the end of the unit, the children will enjoy a “Rodeo”. At the month ends, Ms. Sandra and Ms. Carrie will introduce turkey and Pilgrims and enjoy a Thanksgiving feast.

The kindergarten class explore nature as the original Americans found it.   We learn what the Native Americans discovered when they arrived on this continent and how they adapted their lifestyles to the environment. The emphasis is on the culture, clothes, and lives of different Indian nations.   Our month concludes with the arrival of the Pilgrims and a Thanksgiving feast.

Upcoming on Nov. 3th the teachers will be contacting you for phone conferences.  Those of you who are enrolled in our full day program may send your children as usual. If you can’t make your scheduled conference, please let your child’s teacher know.  If you need additional time with the teacher, we will be glad to schedule another conference.

It has been an exciting and at times overwhelming beginning.   Thank you for your understanding and patience as we settle into the new school year.  It is extremely important to send in a WRITTEN note if your child is not going home with their regular driver.    Also, I need any immediate and written update if there are any changes to our emergency contact information.  It’s terrifying to have an injured child and not be unable to contact anyone. Please leave your cell phones on and make sure that your voice mails are not full.

We all want our children to stay healthy.  Sending children who might be ill to school decreases everyone’s chances for a positive day.   A sick child belongs at home.  Sore throats, vomiting, and diarrhea are excellent reasons to keep your child at home.   Children sent to school with these symptoms will be promptly sent home.  Please try to be as considerate as you can. One other subject I’d like to mention is please label your child’s jackets, sweaters, hats, water bottles, and lunchboxes.

Please keep a change of clothes in the bottom of your child’s book bag for emergencies.

If you plan to send a special snack, especially for a birthday, let us know in advance. Occasionally we end up with several “special” children on the same day in the same class. With a little advanced planning we can be sure everyone does get their special day. Please keep in mind we are a NUT FREE facility; we would feel terrible if we could not serve that special treat and had to send it back home!  Birthday invitations should be mailed rather than sent through the school.   No matter how careful a teacher is, feelings get hurt if everyone has not been invited.

KINDERGARTEN PARENTS: Now is the time to start looking into first grade options for your child.   If you want information regarding the various private schools in the area see me.  Many schools will hold open house sometime in the upcoming months.  Usually the date and times are published in the newspaper or on the school’s website.   If you are thinking about private school, attending these open houses will help you decide what is best for your child.



Nancy Hewitt





Nov. 2-6……….Non-Perishable Food Drive

Nov. 3 ……………School Conferences Open for five-day all-day children only

Nov. 11. …………School closed for Veteran’s Day

Nov. 26, 27……Thanksgiving Holiday School Closed

Dec.21 – Jan.3…Winter Holidays

Jan. 4…………….  School resumes-Registration for the 2021-2022 opens to BMS families

Jan 18 …………Martin Luther King Jr. Day-school closed

Feb 1 .…………Teacher In-service-school closed

Feb 15…………Presidents Day-school closed

April 5-9………Spring Break-school closed

May 31………..Memorial Day-school closed

June 18………..Last Day of the School year