Bellamy Manor January 2021

Dear Parents,


HAPPY NEW YEAR!  We hope your Holidays were delightful.  We can’t wait to see all the new and exciting Show ‘N Tells.   The children and teachers returned from vacation refreshed and obviously ready for some intensive learning. January seems to be a month when the children experience tremendous academic growth. Bellamy Manor School’s teachers take advantage of this time and offer exciting as well as educational units.

Ms. Aurelia and Ms. Yanira’s two’s have grown and matured at an impressive rate.  Their January begins with an in-depth study of words and their opposites. Ms. Aurelia and Ms. Yanira do an exceptional job and their patience is never ending.

The three-year-olds settle back into the routine of school with a quick review of letters and numbers. The rest of the month involves a study of the Zoo. As the month goes by, they will become experts on animal behavior. For many of the children, a family visit to the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk would be a marvelous reinforcement for the animals they are studying.

The four-year-olds at BMS take a leap into fantasy and hop off to Mr. MacGregor’s garden to study Peter Rabbit.  After they are thoroughly entranced by Benjamin Bunny, Peter Rabbit, and Jemimah Puddle Duck, the fours have a marvelous English tea party.  We have a good bit of fun with this unit while introducing the children to some excellent literature.  Because Beatrix Potter’s books are so delightfully illustrated, reading her stories aloud to your child at home will help reinforce their world in their minds.

Our Pre-K will now study the world of insects. Bugs are fascinating little creatures and the children will start looking very closely at them with this unit. We hope to raise a crop of ladybugs! Ms. Sandra and Ms. Carrie will continue with letter and number recognition as well as phonics instruction on an individual basis.

The kindergarten classes take a trip back in time to the age of reptiles and study dinosaurs.  These budding paleontologists learn to identify close to twenty-five dinosaurs before attending a dinosaur hunt at the end of the month.  This is one of our favorite studies and the children love it.  Much time is also spent working on handwriting, math facts, and the concept of fractions.

A Pre-registration form and the 2021-2022 tuition schedule for fall has been sent out. The Pre-registration form is available on our website. Our returning students have priority for placement in the morning classes until the end of January. All other classes are open to new as well as returning students.

Parents who choose to pay the registration fee via credit or debit card may do so through our online tuition portal, Diamond Mind.

Remember it is important to finish registering in January, as classes will open for new student registration on February 1st.        


Many four-year-old parents are concerned about properly placing their child next year.   Some children need an additional preschool year before kindergarten; others do not.  We have many calls concerning the difference between the four-year-old program and the Pre-K class.  The only difference is age; children whose fourth birthday falls between January and August should sign up for the regular four-year old class; those turning five between September and December belong in the pre-kindergarten class. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me or your child’s teacher.

Kindergarten parents who are interested in private school for their child should schedule interviews now. If you wait even a month, many of the quality schools will be full for next September. Please let both your child’s teacher or your director know that you are interested, and they can help prepare your child properly for the entrance evaluation.  We’re here to help.  We all have the same goals– a happy, self-confident child who loves school and learning.

Thanks again for your enthusiastic support.  You have enabled us to teach in a creative and open atmosphere so crucial for true learning to occur.  We sincerely hope you will be able to return next year.


Happy New Year,







January 4…………………School resumes

January 18,………………M L King Day, School Closed

February 1…………………….Teacher In-Service, School Closed

February15 …………………..Presidents Day, School Closed

April 5-April 9…………….Spring break, School Closed

May 11…………………..Conference Day

May 31 ………………………..Memorial Day, School Closed

June 18………………………..Last day of school

June 21-Aug 20………….Summer programs

Sept 7…….……………….Fall programs begin


SNOW POLICY:  Manor School special announcements, such as school closings, late openings, and early dismissals will be posted on our website at We will also send out a group email as well.

TAX INFORMATION: If you claim the cost of BMS as an expense on your Federal Tax   Return, you must include the Taxpayer Identification Number: 54-1238801.