Greenbrier Manor March 2021

Dear Parents,


    If February’s warmth was a hint, March will declare that spring is here. Last month was an intense month and our children grew in knowledge as well as stature as they explored life on the farm, Farmer MacGregor’s garden, past presidents, and themselves.  

Ms Loretta will introduce the children to the colors all around us! They will explore color through food, animals, textures and lots of books. It will be a truly exciting month for our littlest ones!

      The three-year-old classes will be introduced to Eric Carle, the celebrated children’s author. His books are delightful and the children will enjoy not only his emotional characters, but also his colorful and crafty illustrative techniques. There will be lots of cooking this month – Thanks to Jack and his Mama and Walter the baker!  

    Bridget, Liz, and Kari’s four-year-olds are in for a treat this month because it’s BEAR MONTH! From Corduroy, Pooh, and Paddington to pandas and polar bears they investigate bears, their habits and habitats. Some activities you might hear about include packing Paddington’s suitcase, painting Pooh, and ultimately our teddy bear picnic. The fours indulge in fantasy to their heart’s content.

     Ms. Michelle’s pre-kindergarten class investigates weather – clouds, rainbows, snowflakes, and wind. This unit is designed to be quite a hands on, scientific approach to the causes of different types of weather. Letter and number recognition as well as phonics instruction continue on an individual basis.

The kindergarten class goes around the world. It’s a full month’s trip, and we learn about children from other countries. The emphasis of study is on the dress, food, homes, and customs of children from countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and of course North America! If any of you have traveled and can share pictures or souvenirs with the class, please let Tracy and Stephanie know.  

    Registration is going beautifully thanks to all of you. Keep on talking! If you plan to return next year and have not yet turned in a registration form, talk to Jackie soon. We would hate to fill your spot.  

     Many of you have inquired about GMS’s summer program. It is patterned on the GMS school year adapted for summer. It offers continued play, academics, social, and craft opportunities. The children have plenty of opportunity to use the iPads, dress-ups, easels, puzzles, and games.  Enrollment is limited so please return the preregistration form if you are interested.

We will use the InfoSnap online enrollment procedure for our summer program registration. It’ll remain a two-step process. Step one is the submission of the summer preregistration form and fee. Step two is the online submission of the InfoSnap registration form. We will need the preregistration form and fee before you submit your online registration. Parents who choose to pay the registration fee via credit or debit card may do so through our online tuition portal, Diamond Mind (

Spring Break is coming up April 5th thru April 9th. Our spring celebration will be the week of March 29th. We plan to dye eggs and have our egg hunts on March 31st and April 1st. We will close at the end of the day Friday April 2nd for Spring Break.  Both students and teachers will take a well-deserved vacation before returning for the final busy weeks of school.

Please remember we are a peanut and tree nut free school. Make sure you check ingredients in the foods you send in with your child. If you bring in food for the entire class, it must be store bought with the label still attached. We will check to make sure it was not made in a facility processed with peanuts or tree nuts as well. If you have any questions about our policy, please don’t hesitate to contact me.Thank you!






April 5-9….…………Spring Break, School Closed.

May 11.………………Conference Day (Open for All Day Care only)

May 31……………….Memorial Day, School Closed​​​            

June 18……………….Last Day of School

June 2125……………School Open for Day Care

June 28-Aug 20………Summer programs                                                                        

Sept 7…………….…..Fall programs begin