Broad Bay

Broad bay Manor May 2021

Dear Parents,


The end of the school year is fast approaching and with it comes the various activities that signal the onset of summer. Spring conferences, Mother’s Day, and late evenings all herald the end of our year together.


Ms. Kristin and Ms. Brianica will dive into the many shapes that make up the world around us.   They will explore individual shapes as well as what can be made when we put the many shapes together.  Get ready for lots of fun food, games, books, and crafts to reinforce the shape of the day!


The month of May takes Ms. Colleen, Ms. Sandra, and Ms. Kellys classes outside! The three-yearolds investigate the many changes of spring.  We take a look at plants, animals, and BUGS!  


Our fantasy-oriented fours will continue their sojourn in the land of make believe.  They discover the world of castles, dragons, and unicorns this month.  Medieval knights and fairy princesses come alive for them, and they’ll find that most dragons are rather sensitive and lovable creatures.  The children finish the unit with a royal ball fit for any king or queen.  The four’s indulge in fantasy to their hearts content.


The PreK class continues to be environmentally aware as they focus their attention on birds of prey. Children will learn why the hawk has a hooked beak and toes with strong, curved talons.  Where does the Osprey live and what do they eat?  Learning is so much fun!


Kindergarten has an exciting month.  Mrs. Profilet’s class will be learning about the stages of plant development, butterfly development, and frog development using a complete handson approach.  The kindergarten rooms have become laboratories where seeds sprout; caterpillars spin cocoons, and tadpole’s metamorphosis into frogs.  

Conference Day

On May 11th the school will be closed for conferences.  A schedule will be emailed out to parents. If you need a longer conference than scheduled, your child’s teacher may be able to reschedule you for another day. Children who are enrolled in our allday program can attend BBMS as usual this day.  These are children enrolled in our 7:00-6:00 program.



As the weather turns warm many children sunburn.  If your child is sensitive to the sun, remember to put sunscreen on him/her before coming to school.  If you would like to have the school’s sunscreen applied to your child throughout the day, please fill out the school’s sunscreen form available on request.


June Tuition

Tuition for June will be prorated for the June 18th end date.  Some of you will continue on through June for the summer; however, your June tuition will still be affected.  You will be notified of your June prorated tuition.  Don’t forget to adjust any automatic payments from your bank!


Spring is now in full force and we are enjoying watching your children soak up this wonderful weather!  Please enjoy as well!


Jennifer Cox


May 11 .Conference Day- open for ALL DAY only

May 31..Memorial Day- school closed

June18..Last Day of the School year

June 21-25 .Turtle Week (all day current students only)

June 28-Aug 20.Summer programs

Sept. 7.First day of the 2021-2022 school year