West Neck

Beach Manor June 2021

Dear Parents,

As the end of the school year hurtles towards us, I would like to reminisce a bit, for it truly has been a wonderful year.  School spirit and parental support have been tremendous. We’ve had several successful fundraisers that have enabled us to purchase new iPads and other equipment for the classrooms.  Looking back over the past nine months I see achievement and growth in the children, in the school and in the Beach Manor staff.  We owe it all to you and your unflagging, cheerful support.  Thanks for sharing your child with us and providing us the opportunity to teach and the enjoyment of watching them mature.

Our Mother’s Day Out children finish the year learning about Spring and the Beach while the threes and PreK classes will study Dr. Seuss and his zany characters.  The Cat in the Hat and all of his friends—Thigwick, Bartholomew Cubbins, Horton and Yertle become our vehicles for learning.  Rhymes, math, crafts and songs all focus on the Seuss themes during these last days.  It all ends with the notorious Breakfast at Beach Manor featuring Green Eggs and Ham (of course)!  The children have a grand time with all of this while an incredible amount of learning takes place.  The Four-year-old classes will be introduced to the accomplished children’s writer and animator Mo Willems. The humor in his books will capture imaginations and the cartoon illustrations are delightful for little eyes.

Kindergarten classes will focus on the history of Virginia and will continue with creative writing and independent work.  Graduation will be held on Friday, June 11th at 10:0am.  Bring your camera and tissues.  This is a nostalgic moment for many of us!!  They spend their last few weeks together preparing for first grade.

Tuition for June is prorated.  A tuition schedule was sent home in May.  Our last day of school is June 18thALL JUNE TUITIONS ARE DUE BY FRIDAY, JUNE 11TH.

The Manor Schools continue with the RAZ Kids Reading program in Kindergarten and PreK.   This is a supplemental, leveled, online reading program.  Once a child starts reading in our Down by the Bay readers he/she will also be enrolled in RAZ Kids and given a password.   Then in addition to our readers you can also enjoy reading short, books that target your child’s reading level on your computer, IPAD, or smart phone.  The children thoroughly enjoy it.



To many of you we say “farewell”; to some “see you in September”; but to all of you our sincerest and deepest thanks for such a successful and happy year.  Have a lovely summer.  Take care of our children.  Call if you have any concerns or just want to chat.



2021-2022 IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: The Manor School locations in VB will follow the Virginia Beach Public School’s start date for the school year just as we do every year.  This means our first day of school will be Thursday, September 9th, 2021.  We will adjust our school calendar to make up the two missed days (September 7-8) on the first two days of winter break.  This means winter break will start Wednesday, December 22nd instead of Monday, December 20th.   Please adjust your calendars accordingly.




Sincerely, Leigh






                        DATES TO MARK ON YOUR CALENDAR


June 11th…………………………………..Kindergarten Graduation 10:00am

June 18th………………………………….Last day of School

June 21st-August 120th …………………Summer programs at Beach, Bellamy, Broadbay and Greenbrier Manor. **

August 31st……………………………     Open House 6:00- 7:30pm

September 9th…………………………….Fall programs begin


**There are still a few openings left for our summer programs, your child will continue with all workbooks, readers —not to mention a lot of summertime fun. **