Greenbrier Manor June 2021

Dear Parents,


As the end of the school year hurtles towards us, we would like to reminisce a bit, for it truly has been a wonderful year. The school spirit and parental support have been absolutely tremendous. Thank you, one and all!  We’ve had several successful fundraisers that have enabled us to plant our garden so the children can be engaged in planting, watering, weeding, picking and eating the yummy veggies they have helped produce! We have also been able to upgrade our classroom equipment! Looking back over the past nine months, I see achievement and growth in the children, in the school, and in the GMS staff. We owe it all to you and your unwavering, cheerful support. Thanks for sharing your children with us and providing us the opportunity to teach them and watch them mature.

Our Mother’s Day Out children finish the year learning about summer. Their verbal skills shine as we talk about beach trips, jellyfish and watermelon. Their fine-motor skills continue to improve as we make a colorful sun catcher and a special Father’s Day craft.

Our Threes and Pre-K will begin learning about Cat in the Hat and all his friends. Thigwick, Bartholomew Cubbins, Horton, and Yertle become our vehicles for learning. It all ends with the notorious Breakfast at Greenbrier featuring Green Eggs and Ham (of course)! The children have a grand time with all of this while an incredible amount of learning takes place.

The Four-year-old classes will be introduced to the accomplished children’s writer and animator Mo Willems. The humor in his books will capture imaginations and the cartoon illustrations are delightful for little eyes.

As our Kindergarteners prepare for their final ceremony, they review all they have learned from the unit studies this year. They will be illustrating and writing about their favorite unit. On June 8th and 9th we will have our outdoor graduation ceremonies for our oldest group. Ms. Early’s class will graduate on June 8th @ 9:15 and Mrs. Stanger’s class will graduate on June 9th @ 9:15. Bring your camera and tissues.  This is a nostalgic moment for many of us!

The Manor Schools continue with the RAZ Kids Reading program. This is a supplemental, leveled, online reading program. In addition to Down ByThe Bay readers, you can also enjoy reading short books that target your child’s reading level on your computer, IPAD, or smart phone.  The children thoroughly enjoy it!

            As the weather warms and we spend more time outside children will sunburn. If your child is sensitive to the sun, please remember to put sunscreen on him or her before they come to school. We will reapply sunscreen, as necessary, after lunch.

You should have received June’s prorated tuition amount. If you have any questions, see us at the front desk.  Our last day of school is June 18. Thank you again for a wonderful year!  I hope to see many of you either this summer or next fall. If not, we thank you for your support and wish you and your child success next year.

      If you have delayed signing up for the summer program, please turn in your preregistration form. We must have an accurate count of students so we can properly plan and staff for the summer. Thank you!










June 8 & 9……………….      Kindergarten Graduation

June 8 @ 9:15 Ms. Garlow’s class

June 9 @ 9:15 Mrs. Stanger’s class


June 18…………………..Last Day of School

June 21-25………………School Open for Day Care

June 28-Aug 20…………Summer programs

Sept 7……………………Fall programs begin