West Neck

Beach Manor December 2021

December 2021

Dear Parents,


The days are shorter, the nights are snugly, and there is such a hint of anticipation and excitement in the air that it must be December!  This is a very exciting and busy month for us all.  With an emphasis on joy and love, this holiday season will be a happy and pleasant one.

One of the nicest things about school is how much fun it is.   Both socially and academically Beach Manor School students are enjoying themselves while absorbing some marvelous tidbits of information.  This past fall has been productive as well as rewarding for my teachers and me.  I hope you have seen great strides in your child’s growth.

The classes devote the month of December to holiday preparations. The children will make crafts and learn songs appropriate for each celebration.   In addition to letters and numbers this month’s activities will include making and wrapping their gifts for you.

‘Tis the season not only to be jolly, but also to indulge.   Although we aren’t fanatic about no sugar at the Manor Schools, we have learned to be cautious.  Some children cannot tolerate any sugar at all — all children seem to react negatively when their systems are overloaded with it.  This is the time of year when adult expectations and childish abilities have difficulty meshing.  One major thing you can do to help your child enjoy the holiday season is limit their sugar intake.   (Not eliminate, just limit.)  This does not mean we don’t want parties.   The children love cheese and crackers or fruit at least as much as cupcakes!  If it’s not worth the hassle, please try to curtail sugar at breakfast.  Children seem better able to settle into learning with protein and fruit.

We all want our children to stay healthy during the holiday season.  Sending children who might be ill to school decreases everyone’s chances for a positive day.   A sick child belongs at home.  Sore throats, fever, vomiting, and diarrhea are excellent reasons to keep your child at home.   Children sent to school with these symptoms will be promptly sent home. Please refer to our Covid policy. If we send a child home, they will need to be home at least 72 hours unless your pediatrician states they are safe to return to school.  When they return, they must be symptom free.    Please try to be as considerate as you can.




We want to thank everyone for helping support our fundraisers.  We truly appreciate your help.


The Manor Schools’ staff and I wish you a peaceful and pleasant holiday season.  Thank you for your encouragement and support the past three months.  It’s what keeps us going.



Warmest holiday greetings,





MEDICATIONS:  It helps us to know if your child is on medication.  The side effects of many antibiotics and decongestants include behavior changes that dramatically alter classroom performance and actions.  We recently met with Social Service for clarification of several regulations.  The state is strict on the storing and dispensing of medication at school.


*All medication must be locked in our medicine cabinet and logged in only by YOU, the parent. Proper medication forms are required.


**NEVER EVER put medicine in your child’s backpack.  This includes all over the counter items such as lip balm, cough drops, diaper cream or hand cream.


LOST AND FOUND:  Please check our Lost and Found for any clothing your child may be missing.  We accumulate quite a collection.  Please return any clothing borrowed when your child has an accident. PLEASE LABEL YOUR CHILDS COAT, SWEATER, GLOVES, HATS, ETC.  I cannot tell you how many times we hold up items and the children just do not know it is theirs and another child claims it by error.


SNOW POLICY:  Manor School special announcements, such as school closings, late openings and early dismissals will be posted on our website at www.manorschools.com . You will also receive an email and/or text from your child’s teacher.  If you are still unsure, feel free to contact me directly.




TAX ID NUMBER 54-1812375


Thank you to all the parents who have sent in the material necessary for us to do our crafts, such as Pringles cans, soda bottles, and milk cartons.







We want to thank all of you for your patience during carpool.  Your pleasant smiles and cooperative attitudes really mean a great deal.  It is important to pull forward and buckle up.  Other safety precautions include not passing cars on their left and waiting for the staff to let your child out of the car.  Our most important concern must be the safety of the children.  If you are not using carpool, ALWAYS hold your child’s hand while in the parking lot, and please be sure to walk your child all the way to the building.









December 8th                                        Santa’s visit

December 13th and 14th                       Pajama Day, Holiday movies

13th (Ms. Karen, Ms. Harden, Ms. Jessica, Ms. Diane)

14th (Ms. Andrea, Ms. Kaytlin, Ms. Kelli, Ms. Sharon, Ms. Yez)

December 22- December 31                 Winter Holiday—school closed

January 3                                               School resumes

January 17                                             Martin Luther King Day, school closed

February 1st                                            Teacher In-service, school closed

February 21                                            President’s Day, school closed

April 11- 15                                             Spring break, school closed

Holiday Program –December 16 & 17 at 9:30

Thursday, December 16                                 Friday, December 17

Ms. Andrea                                                     Ms. Karen

 Ms.  Kaytlin                                                    Mrs. Harden

 Ms. Kelli                                                         Ms. Jessica

 Ms. Sharon                                                    Ms. Diane

 Ms. Yez