Bellamy Manor December 2021

Dear Parents,

The days are shorter, the nights are snuggly, and there is such a hint of anticipation and excitement in the air that it must be December!  This is a very exciting and busy month for all of us.   With an emphasis on joy and love, this holiday season will be a happy and pleasant one.

One of the nicest things about school is how much fun it is. Both socially and academically, Bellamy Manor School students are enjoying themselves while absorbing some marvelous tidbits of information.  This past fall has been productive as well as rewarding for our teachers and staff. We hope you have seen great strides in your child’s growth.

The classes devote the month of December to holiday preparations, both Christmas and Hanukkah.  All the children will make crafts and learn songs appropriate for each celebration.   In addition to letters and numbers, this month’s activities will include making and wrapping their gifts for you, baking, and preparing for the Holidays. Kindergarten studies the instruments of the orchestra to help them appreciate the music they will hear this holiday season.  If any of you would care to share your expertise in this area, we sure would be grateful.

In January, we will be sending out registration information for the 2022-23 school year via e-mail.  We will be enrolling on-line through a link given to you when we return in January. Although it seems so far in the future, now is the time to start planning for September. Those of you who plan on returning to our school next fall should register soon after the holidays to reserve your child a place next September. We will limit registration to returning students through January.  Register early to get your first choice, some classes fill before the end of January. After January, registration we will be open to the public. If you are interested in having your child attend a private elementary school, talk to Mrs. Hobbs, Ms. Cole  or myself.  Bellamy Manor does offer an after-school program for students up to ten years of age. Virginia Beach Public school bus will drop off from Kempsville Elementary school. The Bellamy van will pick up from Providence Elementary, Fairfield Elementary, Indian Lakes Elementary and Kempsville Meadows for our afterschool program. This may change as our demand changes each year. Please talk to us if you have a request.




Our holiday programs will be December 14th -16th! Please check the schedule for your show day 😊


DEC 14th @ 10:00

Ms. Niki

Ms. Sara

Ms. Sandra

Ms. Hobbs


DEC 15th @10:00

Ms. Kristina

Ms. Devin

Ms. Haylie

Ms. Cole


DEC 16th @ 11:00

Ms. Ariella

Ms. Yanira



We want to thank everyone for helping to support our fundraisers.  Your response this year was overwhelming, and we truly appreciate it!  We’re currently collecting new & unwrapped toys for “Toys for Tots” through December 9th.  A collection box is in our lobby!

The Manor Schools’ staff wish you a peaceful and pleasant holiday season.  Thank you for your encouragement and support over the past three months!


Warmest Holiday Greetings,



MEDICATIONS:  It helps us to know if your child is on any medication. The side effects of many antibiotics and decongestants include behavioral changes that dramatically alter classroom performance and actions. We recently met with Social Services for clarification of several regulations. The state is strict and emphatic on the storing and dispensing medication at school.  You need to know that:

* All medication must be locked in our medicine cabinet and logged in by you the parent, with the completed paperwork.

* The medicine must be given to us in its original container.

* NEVER, EVER, put medicine in your child’s book bag. This includes all over-the- counter items such as lip balm, cough drops and hand sanitizer.


LOST & FOUND:  Please check our Lost and Found for any clothing your child may be missing. We accumulate quite a collection. Please return any clothing borrowed when your child has an accident at school. If you have clothes your child has outgrown, please them our way.  We need them for this type of emergency. Thanks!!


SNOW POLICY:  Manor School special announcements, such as school closings, late openings, and early dismissals will be posted on our website at

You will also receive an e-mail and/or text from your teacher.  If you are still not sure, feel free to contact your child’s teacher or us directly.




TAX ID:  Bellamy Manor’s Tax ID is:  54-1238801






December 22……   First day of  holiday break,  School Closed

January 3………… School resumes

January 17.………  M L King Day, School Closed

February 1……………Teacher In-service, School Closed

February 21 …………Presidents Day, School Closed

April 11-15………  Spring Break, School Closed

May……………….Conference Day FD Students only

May 30 ……………….Memorial Day, School Closed

June 17……………….Last day of school

June 20……………Summer programs begin at Bellamy Manor