Broad Bay

Broad Bay Manor January 2022

Dear Parents,


HAPPY NEW YEAR! We hope your holidays were delightful. We can’t wait to see all the new and exciting Show ‘N Tells! The children and teachers are now refreshed from vacation and ready for some intensive learning. January seems to be a month when the children experience tremendous academic growth. Broad Bay Manor teachers take advantage of the moment and offer exciting and educational units!


Our two’s have grown and matured at an impressive rate.  This month Ms. Charlynn and Ms. Kristin will introduce the children to the colors all around us!  They will explore color through food, animals, textures and lots of books.


Our three-year-olds begin January with a study of community helpers. The teachers introduce the children to the people in their neighborhood. Fireman, policeman, doctors, and dentists are just a few of the helpers we discuss!


The four-year-olds come back to a unit on BEARS!  From Corduroy, Pooh, and Paddington to pandas and polar bears, they investigate bears, their habits and habitats.  Some activities you might hear about include packing Paddington’s suitcase, painting Pooh bear, and ultimately our teddy bear picnic.  The fours indulge in fantasy to their heart’s content.


Our PreK classes look at the world from a geographical and environmental angle. Ms. Moesta and Ms. Withers introduce their children to some basic geographical concepts using habitats as their motif.  By mid month the children are learning about the fragility of various habitats and the interdependence between the environment and its inhabitants.   An investigation of endangered species concludes the unit.


This month the kindergarten classes go around the world.  It’s a full month’s trip, and we learn about children from other countries.  The emphasis of study is the dress, food, homes, and customs of countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia.  If any of you have traveled and can share pictures or items with the class, please contact your child’s teacher.  We would love for you to share your experiences!


2022-2023 Registration

Although next September seems a long time away, it’s time to consider registration. Returning students have priority for placement until the end of January.   I suggest making your request as soon as possible as spots are filled first come first serve.  It’s a two-step process:


Step 1:  You (the parents) complete the paper registration form. We then know what class you want for your child. When you return this form along with the registration fee you will have completed the first step.  We will then email you the link for our online enrollment.


Step 2:  After you receive the link, you should complete the online enrollment form. Every required field must be filled out in order for you to submit the form.  Once this enrollment form is submitted your child will be fully enrolled in the class you requested.


Parents who choose to pay the registration fee via credit or debit card may do so through our online tuition portal at Diamond Mind.  Please record your transaction number on the paper registration form.


Remember it is important to register in January because classes will open for new students in February.


Many parents of current four-year-old students are concerned about properly placing their child next year. Some children need an additional preschool year before kindergarten, and some do not.  Kindergarten is only open to those children turning 5 on or before September 30, 2022.  If your child turns 5 after this date, our PreK class is the correct placement.


Please contact me if you have any questions about placement.  As always, we want what is best for your child’s academic and social growth.


Thanks again for your enthusiastic support! You have enabled us to teach in a creative and open atmosphere so crucial for true learning to occur.


Jennifer Cox


Inclement Weather Policy:  Manor School special announcements, such as school closing, late opening, and early dismissal will be posted on our website  You will also get an email as soon as we make any decisions about school closings. If you are still not sure, feel free to contact your child’s teacher directly.





January 3………………………………………                    Open Enrollment for CURRENT FAMILIES for the 2022-2023 school year

January 17…………………………………….                    Martin Luther King Jr. day- SCHOOL CLOSED

February 1…………………………………….                    In-Service- SCHOOL CLOSED

February 21……………………………………                                    Presidents’ Day- SCHOOL CLOSED

April 11-15……………………………………..                  Spring Break- SCHOOL CLOSED