Greenbier Manor January 2022

Dear Parents,

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We hope your winter break was delightful. We can’t wait to see all the new and exciting Show ‘N Tells! The children and teachers have returned from vacation refreshed and obviously ready for some intensive learning. January seems to be a month when the children experience tremendous academic growth. Greenbrier Manor School’s teachers take advantage of the moment and offer exciting as well as educational units.

Ms. Loretta’s Two’s have grown and matured at an impressive rate. This month MDO children will explore the many adventures of Pete the Cat. These best-selling picture books present the wiry Pete with his white shoes and eclectic friends showing that it’s cool to be you. With boundless poise, creativity and energy, Loretta does an exceptional job with her charges.

The three-year-olds are introduced to the main food groups through a delicious study of nutrition. Adrieen, Karen, and Emily hope to teach the children about “good” foods and their sources. This unit involves quite a bit of cooking and sampling with each food group. They’ll make French fries, fruit salad, and finger-paint with pudding. It’s a terrific and “fattening” month for the Threes!

The four-year-olds discover the fanciful world of dragons and unicorns this month. Medieval knights and castles come alive for them, and they will find that most dragons are rather sensitive and lovable creatures. The children finish the unit with a royal ball fit for any king or queen. The fours indulge in fantasy to their heart’s content!

The Pre-K classes become environmentally aware as they focus their attention on our feathered friends. Michelle’s Pre-K class will study birds, birds of prey in particular. Children will learn why the hawk has a hooked beak and toes with strong, curved talons. Where does the Osprey live and what do they eat?

The kindergarten classes study rhyming using the stories of Dr. Seuss. This is a fun time to rhyme in silly ways. The Cat in the Hat, the Lorax, and Thidwick become our vehicles for learning. Math, crafts and songs all focus on Seuss themes. It all ends with the renowned, “Breakfast at Greenbrier Manor” featuring Green Eggs and Ham (of course)! The children have a grand time with all of this while an incredible amount of learning takes place.

We have lots of plans and ideas for school programs in the coming year. Although next September seems a long time away, it’s time to consider registration. A preregistration form and the 2022-2023 tuition schedule for fall are attached to this newsletter. Returning students have priority for places in the morning classes until the end of January. All other classes are open to new as well as returning students.

This January we will continue our online enrollment procedure for the next school year. It remains a two-step process:

Step1: You (the parents) complete a preregistration form. We then know what class you want for your child. When you return this form along with the registration fee you will have completed the first step. We will then email you the InfoSnap registration link.

Step 2: The submission of your InfoSnap registration. Parents that registered with InfoSnap last year should find the process easier because the link permits exclusive access to your registration we have on file. You will only need to update information that may have changed. Please remember that required fields must be filled out to submit the form. Once this enrollment form is submitted your child will be fully enrolled in the class you requested.

Parents who choose to pay the registration fee via credit or debit card may do so through our online tuition portal, Diamond Mind (

We are hoping that this will be as easy as it sounds!! Remember it is important to finish registering in January as classes will open for new student registration on February 1st.

Many parents of four-year-olds are concerned about properly placing their child next year. Some children need an additional preschool year before kindergarten, but many do not. We receive many calls concerning the differences between the four-year-old program and the pre-k class. The only difference is age. Children whose fourth birthday falls between January and August should sign up for the regular four-year-old class and those turning five between September and December normally belong in the pre-kindergarten class. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jackie or your child’s teacher.

The Chesapeake public school bus will drop off students from Greenbrier Primary and Greenbrier Intermediate for afterschool care. Greenbrier Manor school van will pick up children from Butts Road for afterschool care. Please speak to Elizabeth or myself if this plan appeals to you.

Kindergarten parents who are interested in private school for their child should schedule interviews NOW. If you wait even a month, many of the quality schools will be full for next September. Please discuss this interest with your child’s teacher and me so that we can prepare your child properly for the private school entrance evaluation. We are all here to help and have the same goals – a happy, self-confident child who loves school and learning.

Thanks again for your enthusiastic support! You have enabled us to teach in a creative and open atmosphere so crucial for true learning to occur. We sincerely hope you will be able to return next year.








January 17…………………….           M L King Day, School Closed

January 31……………………..Teacher In-service, School Closed

February 21….………………..Presidents Day, School Closed

April 11-15………..…………..Spring Break, School Closed

May 10………………………..          Conference Day– No classes                                                                                                                                                                                                   (We are open for all day children only)

May 30………………………..          Memorial Day, School Closed

June 17………………………..          Last Day of School

June 20-Aug 19……………….          Summer programs

Sept 6…………………………          Fall programs begin


SNOW POLICY:  Manor School special announcements, such as school closings, late openings, and early dismissals will be posted on our website at . You will also receive an e-mail and/or text from your teacher. If you are still not sure, feel free to contact your child’s teacher or me directly.


TAX INFORMATION: If you claim the cost of as an expense on your Federal Tax Return, you must include the Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). Greenbrier’s TIN is:  54-1636775.