Broad Bay

Broad Bay Summer 2022

Dear parents,

We can’t wait to meet everyone next week!  The first week of The Manor School’s summer program will be full of excitement. This summer you should see your child grow both socially and perhaps a bit academically.  Our Summer program focuses on the ocean, its inhabitants, and its environment.  The children study fish, shells, sea birds, marine mammals, and the beach.  Art, crafts, and papers will reflect this emphasis as we help develop your child’s fine and gross motor skills, visual and auditory memory, and letter and number recognition.  Phonics, reading, and math will be gently emphasized at all levels.

First, the children focus on the beach, shells, fish and water play. If there is one thing we do well, its beach play. Shell, crafts, fish prints, sand casting, and a beach party highlight this unit.

Next, we will take a Caribbean cruise and learn all about pirates. They may have terrorized our forefathers, but today they give a thrill to our lives with special stories and projects! Undersea studies and treasure hunts share our attention with island fun.

Send a backpack with your child each day that contains a full change of clothes (just in case) and any napping needs.  Your child’s pencil box will stay at school to be used each day.  It helps us if shoes, book bags and lunch boxes are clearly marked with your child’s name. Please realize that interactive play is emphasized as well as academics so dress your child appropriately from head to toe.  Make sure to apply sunscreen to your child before coming to school.  We can re-apply mid-day for those kids that stay after lunch as long as a parent has signed a sunscreen permission slip.


Tuition invoices will be sent home the first day of camp.  For our 8- week campers, tuition is due the first week of camp.  If you’d like to make an adjusted payment schedule, please contact us to do so.  Make sure to include your child’s name and program on the check or you can choose to pay online through Diamond Mind.

For our children continuing from the school year through August 19th, your tuition is due monthly on the 1st just like the school year.  If you have not already done so, you can choose to use Diamond Mind to pay with a credit card or automatic draft from a bank account.

If you do not fit into either of these categories, please contact us to figure out your payment schedule if you have not done so already.

Drop Off/Pick Up:

Parents are welcomed to come in the building at all times, 7:00-6:00, to drop off or pick up.  We also offer the following accommodations for drop off and pick up.

–        DROP OFF 8:30-9:00:  Carline drop-off is along the side of the street next to BBMS.  You simply pull up and wait until a staff member comes to your car.  They will take your student out of the car and bring them all the way to their classroom.  Please continue to move up in the car line and stay in your car.

–        PICK UP at 11:45, 1:00, and 3:00: You can choose to pull your car into the front parking spaces facing the building and we will walk your student out to you.  If you are new, please have the pick-up sign in the front windshield to help us know which student is yours (we will provide on the first day) and have your ID ready.  We will ID all adults we do not know.

We will be closed July 4th for Independence Day!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call.  See you all next week for the start of Summer at BBMS!


Jennifer Cox


Broad Bay Manor School