Greenbrier Manor November 2022

Dear Parents,


If November is even half as lovely as October, we’re in for a marvelous month! Halloween is now a memory. We really believe it’s the children’s favorite holiday despite the stress caused by all that sugar. They all enjoyed dressing up in costumes, singing songs and eating special treats!

November conjures up images of colorful leaves and crisp days. In keeping with tradition, each class will study seasonal changes and explore what they are thankful for from their unique perspective. Ms. Loretta and Ms. Miranda’s young charges have made incredible progress. It’s wonderful to me how quickly the two-year olds seem to grow. They studied themselves in September and were introduced to the world of senses in October. Now they plan to talk about families and how we all relate, then explore their homes. It’s a gradual evolution away from an awareness of themselves towards an awareness of their environment. Great things are happening here. It’s exciting!

The three-year-old classes go on safari this month and study jungle animals. During the next three weeks they become experts on animal behavior and can easily mimic the antics of chimps, lions, and elephants. For many of the children a visit to the Virginia Zoo would be a marvelous reinforcement of the animals they are studying. It’s also a wonderful way to spend a warm fall day.  The Threes finish the month with stories and crafts relating to Thanksgiving.


Our four-year-old classes hit the trail as they learn about horses, cowboys, and rodeos. This is an exciting unit that combines the factual information on horses with delightful stories of the American cowboy. In keeping with their developmental levels, the Fours will enjoy stories about the Wild West. Letter and number recognition as well as phonics instruction continue on an individual basis.

The pre-K classes become environmentally aware as they focus on habitats and endangered species. The children become aware of the fragility of various ecosystems as well as the types of animals that can inhabit them.

The kindergarten class explores nature as the original Americans found it.   We learn what the Native Americans discovered when they arrived on this continent and how they adapted their lifestyles to their environment. The emphasis is on the culture, clothes, and lives of different tribes around the continent.

Upcoming on November 8th are school conferences. Although school is closed on that day, childcare will be available for you during your conference.   Those of you enrolled in our all day program may leave your children as usual. If you cannot make your scheduled conference, please let your child’s teacher know.   Plan to arrive on time and leave promptly. If you need more time with the teacher, we will be glad to schedule another conference (or you can finish your chat on the phone). If you didn’t receive a conference schedule or have misplaced yours, there are extras in the lobby.

It has been exciting and at times an overwhelming beginning. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we settle into the new school year. A few thoughts…sometimes in the rush to get to school and work we don’t have time for a healthy breakfast. If your child has skipped breakfast or enjoyed a sugary start, please let us know. What children eat for breakfast has an immediate and dramatic effect on their behavior. We understand how difficult mornings can be, especially for working parents, so please help us help your child. Knowing that the morning was difficult can add considerably to a teacher’s patience and understanding. It is also extremely important to send in a WRITTEN note if your child is not going home with their regular driver. Additionally, we need an immediate and written update if there are any changes to your emergency contact information. It’s terrifying to have an injured child and be unable to contact anyone.

We all want our children to stay healthy. Sending children who might be ill to school decreases everyone’s chances for a positive day. A sick child belongs at home. Sore throats, coughs, fevers, vomiting, and diarrhea are excellent reasons to keep your child at home. Children sent to school with these symptoms will be promptly sent home. Remember children should be fever free for 36 hours before returning to school.  Please try to be as considerate as you can.

If you plan to send a special snack, especially for a birthday, let us know in advance. Remember, too, that we are a peanut/nut-free school. Often, we end up with several “special” children on the same day in the same class. With a little advanced planning, we can be sure everyone does get his or her special day. Birthday invitations should be mailed rather than sent through the school. No matter how careful a teacher is, feelings are hurt if everyone hasn’t been invited.

KINDERGARTEN PARENTS:  Now is the time to start looking into first grade options for your child. If you want information regarding the various private schools in the area, please call us at 548-9292.

I want to thank you all for your amazing support with our Charleston Wrap fall fundraiser!

Sincerely, Jackie




November 8th……………………..Conference Day via Phone (open for all day students)

November 11th……………………Veteran’s Day/School Closed

November 24th – 25th…………….Thanksgiving Holiday/School Closed

December 19th–January 2nd ……..Winter Break/School Closed

January 3rd ………………………..School resumes

January 16………………………….. Martin Luther King, Jr Day— School closed

January 30………………………….. Teacher In-service — School closed


Holiday Programs

Parents/special guests are invited to meet us in the parking lot behind the school to hear the classes sing songs. The children will come inside and have a special snack in the classroom.

Tuesday,  December 13th  

9:15: Ms Tracy Garlow, Ms Kari and Ms Karen


Wednesday, December 14th


9:15: Ms Adrieen and Ms Cindi


10:30:  Ms Mickey, Ms Brittney and Ms Michelle


Holiday Classroom Parties

We will have a special snack in the classroom and we will have pictures to share with the parents! We have found that, for this age child, seeing parents during school time creates a difficult transition back to class.


Thursday, December 15th


10:00 Ms Loretta and Ms Miranda’s Holiday Party (They do not go outside and will have a special treat at snack time)