West Neck

Beach Manor January 2023

Dear Parents,

               HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I hope your Christmas was delightful.  I can’t wait to see all the new and exciting Show ‘N Tells.   The children and teachers returned from vacation refreshed and ready for some intensive learning.   January seems to be a month when the children experience tremendous academic growth.  Beach Manor School teachers take advantage of the moment and offer exciting as well as educational units.

         Ms. Alex and Ms. Kendall’s little ones have grown and matured at an impressive rate.   January our MDO’s will spend their time enjoying “Fun with Food”. They will make Cinnamon Pretzels, play with dough (and spaghetti), paint with fruit and sample many tasty and healthy treats.  Ms. Alex and Ms. Kendall both do an exceptional job with their charges, and their patience is never ending.

         The three-year olds spend a week settling in and reviewing their alphabet and number concepts. Then they will be introduced to life on the farm. The focus of this unit is farm animals and their products.  Although the school doesn’t take field trips, I’d like to suggest a trip to a dairy where the children can see a working dairy.  The petting zoo at the Virginia Zoo also has many farm animals the children can touch and feed.  As the children become more aware of their environment their curiosity deepens.  These studies are designed to help them understand and organize their world.

 The four-year-old classes hit the trail as they learn about horses, cowboys, and rodeos.  In keeping with developmental levels, the fours will enjoy stories about the Wild West.  The unit ends as the children enjoy a “rodeo,” Beach Manor style.  Letter and number recognition as well as phonics continue an individual basis.

      The Pre-kindergarten class investigate the weather—clouds, rainbows, snowflakes, wind and the four seasons.   This unit has been designed to be quite hands on, scientific approach to the causes of different types of weather.   Letter and number recognition as well as phonics instruction continue an individual basis.

           The kindergarteners take a good look at themselves this month.  Mrs. Yesalusky will introduce the children to the various systems of the human body.  The children start by studying their skin and move right into the most important muscle—their heart.  This is a detailed unit, and it is incredible how many facts our five- and six-year-olds absorb and retain.  Much time is also spent on handwriting, math facts, and the concepts of fractions.

2023-2024 Registration


              We have lots of plans and ideas for school programs in the coming year.  Although next September seems a long time away it’s time to consider registration.  Returning students have priority for placement until the end of January. I suggest making your request as soon as possible as spots are filled first come first serve.  It is a two-step process:

Step 1:  You (the parents) complete a pre-registration form.  We then know what class you want for your child.  When you return this form with the registration fee you will have completed the first step.  We will send you the Web link for our online enrollment.

Step 2:  After you receive the link, you should complete the online enrollment form. Every required field must be filled out in order for you to submit the form.  Once this enrollment form is submitted your child will be fully enrolled in the class you requested.

Remember it is important to register in January because classes will open for new students in February.


      Some children need an additional preschool year before kindergarten; many do not.  We have many calls concerning the difference between the four-year-old program and the PreK class.  The only difference is age:   children whose fourth birthday falls between January and August should sign up for the regular four-year old class; those turning five between September and December, belong in the pre-kindergarten class.   Please contact me with any questions about placement.  As always, we want what is best for your child’s academic and social growth.

         Thanks again for your enthusiastic support.  You have enabled us to teach in a creative and open atmosphere so crucial for true learning to occur.  I sincerely hope you will be able to return next year.

SNOW POLICY:   Manor School special announcements, such as school closing, late opening, and early dismissal will be posted on our website www.manorschools.com. You will also receive an email and/or text from our child’s teacher.  If you are still unsure, feel free to contact me directly.

                     TAX INFORMATION:  If you claim the cost of BMS as an expense on your Federal Tax Return, you must include the:  Beach Manor’s Tax I.D.  87-3731398

Sincerely, Leigh


                                            SCHOOL CALENDAR

         January 3                     School resumes

         January 16                   M L King Day, School Closed

         January 30                   Teacher In-service, School closed

         February 20                 Presidents Day, School Closed

         April 10-14                   Spring Break, School closed

         May 23                         Conference Day

         May 29                         Memorial Day, School Closed

         June 9                          Kindergarten graduation

         June 16                        Last Day of school


REMINDER:  DO NOT EVER leave children unattended in your vehicle. Either park in a designated parking place and walk your child inside or join the carpool line and we will assist your child into the building.  Please do not park in the carpool lane between 8:30 and 9:00 if you are bringing your child inside. Remember to park in a designated parking place.  Thanks!