Greenbrier Manor April 2023

Dear Parents,

            I sure hope spring has sprung by the time you read this! As June approaches I am acutely aware of the time that has passed since September. June hurtles towards us and there is still so much to teach, so much to learn, and so much to do.

            Ms Loretta and Miranda, our pillars of patience, begin April with an in-depth study of words and their opposites to our two-year old classes. With easel painting, sponge printing, spin art and backed papers, this is a grand time for our youngest.

          Our three-year olds begin April with nursery tales. The children explore classic stories as they grow Jack’s beanstalk, peek at the troll under the Billy goat’s bridge, and visit the three bears.

            The four-year olds depart from their fantasy world of make-believe and explore the fascinating world of our feathered friends. As local birds migrate back into the area, they should be able to identify most of them. Cindi, Brittney, and Kari teach them the characteristics of twenty-five different species and help them create an amazing bird book. We’ll end with yet another party, complete with worms and seeds!

Ms. Michelle’s pre-K class moves down the food chain to investigate insects. Bugs fascinate children and Michelle uses their curiosity to educate them about useful and harmful insects. The high point of this unit materializes in May when we get to watch ants tunnel.

           The kindergarten class takes a trip back in time to the age of reptiles and studies dinosaurs. These budding paleontologists learn to identify close to twenty-five dinosaurs before attending a dinosaur hunt at the end of the month. This is one of our favorite units, and the children love it. The children’s academic progress amazes me. Many are now learning long vowel sounds and spelling! As spring progresses, we plan to incorporate creative writing into each week’s lesson. As these masterpieces come home, it is important that you be extremely positive in your comments. Please don’t make any suggestions for improvement and don’t even think of mentioning spelling. Creative writing is a very personal and sensitive process. A careless remark can be devastating.

May 23rd is conference day. I will send home the conference schedule later.  School is closed while you discover what wonderful children you have. They really are wonderful!  Childcare will be available for those enrolled in our all-day program.

We have sent out information on the summer program at Greenbrier. If you missed it and are interested, talk to Jackie or Elizabeth. Classes are filling quickly.

Spring appears to be a busy and exciting time for all of us. If you have any questions or concerns we’re only a phone call away.

Spring Break is coming up April 10th thru April 14th. Our spring celebration will be the week of April 3rd. We plan to dye eggs and have our egg hunts on April 4th and 5th.. We will close at the end of the day Friday April 7th for Spring Break.  Both students and teachers will take a well-deserved vacation before returning for the final busy weeks of school.

As the weather turns warm many children sunburn. If your child is sensitive to the sun remember to put sunscreen on him/her before he comes to school.

Summer Job Opportunities


Greenbrier Manor is currently setting up interviews for our summer and fall staff!  If you, or someone you know, are interested, please give us a call to see what kind of opportunities we may have.   Resumes can be sent to the following email:



Greenbrier Manor:




April 10-14…….…………     Spring Break, School Closed.

May 23.………………….      Conference Day (Open for All Day Care only)

May 29…………………..      Memorial Day, School Closed

June 8…………………….Kindergarten Graduation @ 9:15

June 16…………………..      Last Day of School

June 19-23……………….     Greenbrier Manor Closed

June 26-Aug 18………….     Summer programs

Aug 21-25………………..Greenbrier Manor Closed

Aug 28-Sept 1…………….Open for All Day Care Only

Sept 5………………. …..      Fall programs begin


Spring Programs

Wednesday, May 3


9:15:  Ms Loretta, Ms Brittney, Ms Michelle

10:30:  Ms. Mickey, Ms Cindi

Thursday,  May 4

9:15:  Ms Miranda, Ms Karen, Ms Kari

Friday, May 5

 9:15:  Ms Adrieen and Ms Tracy Garlow